3 Ways To Make Your Youtube Videos More Competitive


As a YouTube creator, you have an opportunity to share your passions with people around the world while making a profit. But similar channels are sure to provide you with plenty of competition to deal with as you work on growing your channel. Here are three things you can do to make your YouTube videos more competitive: Take a Color Grade Workshop Color grading your YouTube videos will give them a theatrical look and feel that is reminiscent of movies and shows seen on television.

26 July 2016

You've Been Framed: How To Customize A Plain Picture Frame For Your Parent


Whether it's for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or for a parent's birthday, it's a relatively common practice to give your parent a picture frame that surrounds a picture of you and them. But if you want to personalize this gift further – or if you just want to differentiate it from the other pictures and frames you've given them over the years – then you may want to try customizing your picture frame.

28 June 2016

How And Where To Display Your Personalized Wedding Art


Your personalized wedding art may be one of the most special pieces of art that you'll ever own. Knowing where and how to display your personalized wedding art can help emphasize its importance and ensure total enjoyment of the piece for many years to come. Wedding Day Display Tips On the day of your wedding, your art piece should serve as a reminder of your love for your partner, and ultimately, the purpose of the event.

3 June 2016

Kindergarten Art Contests Are Sure To Encourage Good Sportsmanship


Sportsmanship is about respect, team building, and winning or losing with a positive attitude. Practicing positive sportsmanship skills can help a child improve their overall quality of life both on and off the sports field. In addition to practicing sports during recess and joining after school activities such as t-ball, your kindergarten students can learn about good sportsmanship right in the classroom. Implementing regular art contests into your classroom will provide your students with the opportunity to get creative, learn to work together in a positive environment, and improve their sportsmanship skills.

25 May 2016

Are Nose Piercings Okay For Women Over 40?


How old is too old for a nose piercing? Is a woman over 40 with a little diamond stud or a discrete gold ball trashy? If you've secretly always admired nose piercings but felt like you couldn't get it done because of social pressure, is it too late to change your mind now that you're a "woman of a certain age"? Here are some good reasons why you might consider a nose piercing, no matter what your age.

23 May 2016

Summer Dance Camp Increases Respect, Confidence, And Focus For Your Child


Though summer vacation can be a time of fun and adventure for your child, it can also be a time of too much technology and not enough physical activity. This can lead to wasted opportunities to explore new talents, strengthen existing skills, or learn valuable lessons that will help prepare them for the new school year ahead. Offering your child the opportunity to participate in summer dance camp can help prevent such wasted time and allow them to develop skills and habits that will be necessary throughout their life.

19 May 2016

3 Things To Seriously Consider Before Getting Tattooed


Tattoos are a great form of self expression. Each tattoo is unique, which enables you to set your personal look apart from everyone else in the world. But before heading to the nearest tattoo shop for some ink, it's important to make a few considerations that will help ensure that you never have regrets about having an artist put a permanent design on your skin. Here are three things you should give some serious thought to before making an appointment to get a tattoo:

18 May 2016