3 Things To Seriously Consider Before Getting Tattooed


Tattoos are a great form of self expression. Each tattoo is unique, which enables you to set your personal look apart from everyone else in the world. But before heading to the nearest tattoo shop for some ink, it's important to make a few considerations that will help ensure that you never have regrets about having an artist put a permanent design on your skin. Here are three things you should give some serious thought to before making an appointment to get a tattoo:

It's a Forever Keepsake

The process of choosing whether or not to get a tattoo shouldn't be taken lightly. While getting a tattoo is an awesome way to highlight your personality or keep a special memory alive, once you get one it's there to stay so it's important to make sure that the design you choose is something you want to represent you for the rest of your life. You may love a particular band now, but will you feel the same way in a few years? You might regret getting a depiction of the band's album cover tattooed on your back later on.

There are a few ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos such as laser removal and dermabrasion, but these services tend to be costly. For example the most effective option, laser removal, typically runs between $200 and $500 a session, and most folks need to participate in up to twenty sessions to get the results they want. When all is said and done, removing a tattoo can cost several times more than the tattoo cost in the first place. So before getting a tattoo, take some time to think through the idea and make sure that your design is something that you'll be proud of even in your golden years.

Location Does Seem to Matter

Tattoos can have an effect on your career opportunities as time goes on, so consider your career path before choosing where to locate your new tattoo. If you'll be working with the public or in an upscale office, it's a good idea to locate your tattoo where it won't be seen while you are working. The shoulder, thigh, and upper back are good options that will allow you to hide your tattoo when wearing just about any type of clothing.

Colors Can Impact Long Term Visuals

In addition to design and location, it is important to consider the colors that will be used to create your tattoo. Any color that isn't black is prone to fading, so if you're interested in a colorful design, you should expect some fading as time goes on. You should consider what your tattoo will look like after a few years of sun exposure to be sure that you'll still be happy with it even if the orange, red, and blue hues within it start to fade. While it's possible to get your tattoo touched up throughout the years, it won't eliminate fading altogether so your chosen design should be something that will still look nice once the fading process begins.

By considering these points before your tattoo appointment, you can be sure that the artwork you choose to embellish your body with never becomes a regret.


18 May 2016

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