Summer Dance Camp Increases Respect, Confidence, And Focus For Your Child


Though summer vacation can be a time of fun and adventure for your child, it can also be a time of too much technology and not enough physical activity. This can lead to wasted opportunities to explore new talents, strengthen existing skills, or learn valuable lessons that will help prepare them for the new school year ahead. Offering your child the opportunity to participate in summer dance camp can help prevent such wasted time and allow them to develop skills and habits that will be necessary throughout their life. Three of the most essential of these are respect, confidence, and focus.


Summer dance camp can help your child develop a healthy respect for their body. As they take part in challenging classes, they will come to realize what their bodies require in order to perform each day. This can help them develop a foundational understanding of why alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive substances are harmful for their body and why such substances keep them from functioning properly. Dance camp can also help them develop respect for the types of foods and drinks that keep their bodies moving throughout the day while teaching them why junk foods and soda don't provide the power necessary to keep them fit and focused.


Participating in summer dance camp can help your child develop confidence in who they are as they participate in daily warm-ups and routines. Through each class, they will watch their skills become stronger and their understanding of dance movement increase as they push themselves to master the dances presented. Nothing bolsters confidence for your child more than realizing that they can do something and seeing their improvement each day. This increase in confidence will be invaluable as they return to school at the end of the summer.


Learning new dances and mastering routines takes a great deal of focus. As your child participates in summer dance camp, they will be exposed to situations that will require their focus in order for them to succeed. Since dance is just as artistic as it is technical, your child will have the opportunity to focus on their physical movement as well as their mental and emotional connection behind the movement. This can increase your child's awareness of self and their ability to focus on long-term goals.

After participating in a summer dance camp, like Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts for example, your child will come away with an amazing experience that will lead to increased respect, confidence, and focus to aid them in their new school year.


19 May 2016

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