Are Nose Piercings Okay For Women Over 40?


How old is too old for a nose piercing? Is a woman over 40 with a little diamond stud or a discrete gold ball trashy? If you've secretly always admired nose piercings but felt like you couldn't get it done because of social pressure, is it too late to change your mind now that you're a "woman of a certain age"? Here are some good reasons why you might consider a nose piercing, no matter what your age.

It's good medicine.

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, which is an ancient system of medicine that originated more than 3,000 years ago, the nose is an important area in women's medicine. While the area is typically associated with fertility issues, a piercing in that area is supposed to help with menstrual issues. Many women in their 40s begin the transition into menopause, which makes complications common. Periods can become irregular and renewed cramping isn't unusual. A piercing could help ease things along.

It has historical significance.

Nose piercings among women go back to ancient times. It's mentioned in the Bible all the way back in the book of Genesis, when Rebekah agrees to be the wife of Abraham's son, Isaac. His servant seals the deal by giving her a golden nose ring. The nomadic tribes of Africa and the Bedouins of the Middle East carried the tradition with them as the moved—using it as part of the dowry given to a wife and a hallmark of familial wealth. 

Use it to display your own financial security, if you want. There's nothing wrong with flashing a delicate bit of gold or a petite diamond in your nostril. If you get a nose piercing, you're proudly carrying on a custom that goes back centuries. 

It's a personal statement.

Probably the best reason to get a nose piercing is that you simply want to get one and it's a significant statement of personal freedom and self-expression. Many women in their 20s and 30s are too busy pursuing a career and raising young families to have a lot of spare time for themselves. At the age of 40 and above, there's often a seismic shift in your responsibilities—your career may be more established and your children may be heading toward college. You now have more time to indulge in personal time, more freedom to explore your sense of self, and more money to spend in the process. Plus, many women begin to feel less concerned about societal niceties or pressures to conform. If you want to express yourself through a nose piercing, there's no reason not to!

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23 May 2016

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