Kindergarten Art Contests Are Sure To Encourage Good Sportsmanship


Sportsmanship is about respect, team building, and winning or losing with a positive attitude. Practicing positive sportsmanship skills can help a child improve their overall quality of life both on and off the sports field. In addition to practicing sports during recess and joining after school activities such as t-ball, your kindergarten students can learn about good sportsmanship right in the classroom. Implementing regular art contests into your classroom will provide your students with the opportunity to get creative, learn to work together in a positive environment, and improve their sportsmanship skills.

Holding Classroom Art Contests

You can encourage both the use of imagination and the practice of positive sportsmanship by holding regular art contests within your classroom. Whether on a weekly basis, once a month or every quarter, putting together an art contest for your students will give them an opportunity to get creative in a team environment and learn how to compete with their classmates in a respectful manner.

To ensure that each child has an opportunity to work with a wide range of students, build teams for your contests randomly. Start by placing each student's name in a large jar or bowl and pulling four or five names to act as team leaders for the contest. Then each team leader can take turns pulling names to build their teams until all of the names are pulled. Once the teams are formed, assign them a challenge to work together on.

You can ask them to paint a mural of their favorite cartoon characters, to create a new sign that can be hung on the classroom door, or to make a doll house from scratch out of cardboard – furniture and all. Provide the materials needed for the project to each team, and assign them a shelf or cubby to store their projects in while they aren't being worked on. Depending on the type of project you assign our kids and how long they have to work on the projects, you can give them anywhere from a couple of days to a month in order to complete them.

Host a contest event on an evening soon after the projects are due to be turned in and ask your students' parents to attend the event. Attendees can vote for their favorite projects and the winning team should be announced at the end of the night.

These classroom activities are sure to help your class learn to work well with one another by experiencing the value of team work as well as the importance of respect for each individual and their ideas.  


25 May 2016

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