3 Ways To Make Your Youtube Videos More Competitive


As a YouTube creator, you have an opportunity to share your passions with people around the world while making a profit. But similar channels are sure to provide you with plenty of competition to deal with as you work on growing your channel. Here are three things you can do to make your YouTube videos more competitive:

Take a Color Grade Workshop

Color grading your YouTube videos will give them a theatrical look and feel that is reminiscent of movies and shows seen on television. To learn professional techniques you can use when editing your YouTube videos, consider taking a color grade workshop. These workshops teach a variety of skills that will help you take your videos to the next level such as the following:

  • Theorizing Colors
  • Using New Camera Formats
  • Managing Photo Elements
  • Correcting Colors
  • Analyzing Images
  • Using Color and Element Layers

After taking a color grade workshop you should be able to produce YouTube videos that are sharp and vibrant with all elements in your shot being easy to see.

Create a Trailer for Your Channel

An excellent way to create brand recognition for your YouTube channel is to create a custom trailer that tells your viewers who you are and what they can expect to see when watching your videos. You'll draw new viewers in and provide them with a positive first impression that makes them want to subscribe to your channel and watch all your videos.

Your trailer should act as a preview of the kinds of content you typically upload to your channel so viewers know exactly what to expect if they decide to follow you. You can edit several clips from past videos you've uploaded together to give viewers an idea of your personality and style, or create a video simply talking to your audience and letting them know why they should subscribe.

Communicate With Your Viewers

To keep your viewers engaged and coming back to watch more of your content, take the time to communicate with them when they leave replies on your YouTube message board. Answering questions that viewers have, using some of their ideas in your videos, replying to concerns about past or future content, and acknowledging the presence of each viewer that replies will help keep your community active and interested as your video library grows.

These tips and tricks should keep your current YouTube subscribers happy and help interest new viewers enough to subscribe.  


26 July 2016

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